Friday, May 4, 2007

Super Dad!

Edward reads books to the whole crew before bed. This is a favorite time of day in our house.

Daddy tries to find some time to play in the yard with the big kids. They all have big plans for him. For Ross, it's always some kind of sport (right now it's baseball because that is the current sport he is in). For Elizabeth, it's usually bike riding, playing catch, or dancing (sorry Edward - but what a great sport you are!). For Drew, it's usually baseball or wrestling.

Edward and Mallory are deep in conversation.

How sweet is this face!

Look at those cheeks!

I'm a sucker for pictures of newborns yawning!

Who do you think she looks like?

Our new toy

Drew is absolutely smitten with Mallory. He can't go 10 minutes without telling her, "I love you baby" and "I'm your big brother." He asked me one day, "Why does she have boy hair?"

He's been so sweet with her. He teaches her many things and likes to show her things as well. He was teaching her a lesson this morning about eating food and not complaining about it. He was very upset today when I spoilled his plans of sleeping with her tonight.

He also wants to protect her always. I stopped by the movie theater this afternoon to buy tickets for Edward and the oldest three to see Spiderman 3. I asked Drew if he would sit in the van with Mallory while I checked the times. He said he would and told me he would beat up any bad guys if they tried to get the baby.

We were so excited to pack up our fresh little pink bundle and bring her home after a two day hospital stay. Drew said, "You mean we get to take her home?!"